Glinty Lab is a review and information site for people who are interested in projectors, projector screens, and related equipment.

We are a team of professional Energy Engineers, Optic Engineers‘ who are also tech-savvy. We write in-depth reviews on projectors and related products after testing them. Some of our team members have knowledge of repairing and installation as well.

Since projectors are expensive products, we have consulted several technicians to validate our data before writing reviews.


We don’t sell any product on your website. We have nothing to do with the merchants.


To utilize the data that we have collected, we write high researched reviews on projectors and related products. We help people to make the right choice while purchasing any kind or type of projector.

Review-based information is helpful, but that information has to come from experts of the industry like us. We don’t sugarcoat things on our website. We conduct several tests in our workshop on each model that we review.

We don’t receive payments from the merchants in exchange for reviews on our site. We don’t let retailers on manufacturers influence our reviews either.


All the information on the site is free for all users. We earn a small portion of the commission once buyers purchase any model from merchants like Amazon, etc.

We don’t sponsor unnecessary things to boost our commission. We also rely on donations and advertisements to pay our bills.


Glintylab CEO

Gregor Allen

Allen is the Founder and Managing Director of Glinty Lab. He is an Electronics Engineer and Blogger. He loves to write unbiased reviews about tech products. He owns several small shops he repairs and sells second-hand projectors and projector screens.


Steve Steal

Steve is also an optics Engineer. He is been working in the optics company since 2019. He also has 4 years of experience as a projector, projector screen, camcorder, cellphones, and DSLR technician. His daily work involves repairing and installing projectors. Steve has been writing research-based reviews since 2019. He loves to write honest content about projectors to help daily consumers in their buying decision.


Mathew Black

Mathew is an Energy and Environmental Engineer. He has worked for several YouTube channels and video makers for 4 years as a lighting and equipment expert. Mathew has also been writing blog posts and research-based content since 2017. He along with his other engineer friends has started this website to share their researched-based reviews and remarks on the latest and older projectors.