Best Star Projector Reviews 2024 for Home Planetarium & Outdoor

Finding the best star projector that is lightweight, durable, sleek, and compact in design, and that can project galaxy lights with sharp, bright, realistic, and HD projection images with multiple color patterns is kinda tricky with so many options available in the market.

You might be thinking, “How do I find a unit that not only covers the above-mentioned features, but has a remote control, focus adjustment dial, energy-efficient operation, multiple projection modes, and is well within budget.

Don’t worry,

After researching and gathering data from the online and offline market, we have carefully compiled that data into a list of the top 8 best star projectors of 2022.

Each night light/galaxy projector on our list is unique in its way. Some are expensive, others are budget-friendly star projectors.

Each projector serves its basic purpose of usage which is, displaying a clear and realistic image.

Check our top 3 picks before getting on to our opinion on the best star projector, and top 8 lists.



Sega Homestar Flux Home Planetarium
              Sega Homestar Flux
  • 60,000 high-definition start display
  • Compatible with existing discs
  • Highly advanced, multi-level glass lenses
  • 2 discs included.


Omegon Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Projector
           Omegon Star Theater Pro
  • 33%, 66%, 100% brightness options
  • 1 – 2 hours timer setting
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Detailed and bright projection


BlissLights Sky Lite
               BlissLights Sky Lite
  • 6-hour built-in timer
  • Blue Nebula with stars projection
  • 32 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit operating temp:
  • Extremely compact and portable



Best Star Projector/Night Light

In our expert opinion, the best star projector/galaxy light is one whose lenses are crystal clear, which uses either LED OR LASER. It must project a realistic image with optical clarity, and sharpness without rough edges.

That projector should rotate smoothly without making a terrible noise. It should be energy efficient and drain less power if it is on AA batteries.

Most importantly.

The quality and content of the projection should be soothing, relaxing, and informative instead of a stupid headache.

List Of The Best Star Projector 2022


Sega Homestar Original Black

  • 60,000+ stars with constellation
  • Shooting star mode
  • 1 start manual and 1 AC adapter included
  • Tow northern and southern hemisphere discs included

Sega Homestar Flux Home Planetarium Galaxy Projector

  • 60,000 high-definition start display
  • Compatible with existing discs
  • Highly advanced, multi-level glass lenses
  • More than 30 new discs with new scenes are also available

BlissLights Sky Lite – Laser Star Projector

  • 6-hour built-in timer
  • Blue Nebula with stars projection
  • 32 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit operating temp:
  • Extremely compact and portable

YSD Night Lighting Lamp, Modern Star Rotating Galaxy

  • 360-degree rotation
  • 13 – 14 hours of battery life after charging
  • USB charging port
  • Remote control distance: 32 ft.

Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium

  • 24HD space images
  • Northern Sky is also projected
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Nightlight feature

Laser Star Hologram ceiling Projector

  • Stars and cloud formation
  • Shooting star included
  • AC power-operated
  • Big in size and shape

Uncle Milton Death Star Planetarium Pro

  • Bright LED light
  • Constellation and galaxy guide included
  • Automatic image rotation
  • Auto shut-off
  • Projection angle is adjustable

Omegon Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Projector

  • Projection is relaxing and realistic
  • More than 10,000 stars projection
  • Two interchangeable image discs
  • Earth/Moon/Sun disc, and starfield disc

 1.   Sega Homestar Original Black  – Home Planetarium Starlight Projector

Sega Homestar Original Black – Home Planetarium Starlight Projector Review


  • 60,000+ stars with constellation
  • Shooting star mode
  • 1 start manual and 1 AC adapter included
  • Tow northern and southern hemisphere discs included
  • 3 timer settings
  • 4 disc options
  • Rotational movement is possible
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Project on pretty much any flat surface
  • A focus wheel to make the stars much sharper
  • Mounting type: Wall, and ceiling
  • Item weight: 0.8 KG
  • Control: Button control
  • Projector Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.3 x 5.9 inches
  • Projector range/distance: 59 – 90 Inches
  • Projection area in diameter: a circle with 106 inches
  • Very bright 3-att led lights

 Sega Homestar Original Black Reviews 

Sega knocked it out of the park with one of the most powerful and sharp home planetarium systems on the market.

I mean when I say that this thing will make you sleepy if you gaze at that super detailed star projection for too long, you got to believe that.

The Original black version of the Sega Homestar is super lightweight, highly durable, it can project up to 60,000 stars (true capacity) with a rotating shooting star mode. No wonder why it tops our best star projector list.

Its 3-watt white LED technology is ultra-bright, and Sega Homestar is one of the best galaxy projectors in terms of realism of stars and constellations.

 Why choose Sega Homestar original black 

  • The projection of 60,000 stars is true if you look closely at the projection. You will notice a super awesome ton of tiny details.
  • The shoot star mode will activate once you turn on the rotating mode.
  • The shooting stars will go through the middle of the frame. A very good detail indeed.
  • The 3-watt white LED technology is right on the money. It doesn’t get blurred even if you use the rotation mode.
  • The product is lightweight and easy to carry. As long as you have the power source, use them anywhere you want. Don’t forget that a white flat surface is best suited for it.
  • Sega Homestar is so quiet, you won’t hear any sound while it operates. A big improvement compared to old school home planetarium systems.
  • This unit is electricity efficient too. Run it all night long, it won’t suck up too much power.
  • 4 additional, highly realistic discs of, Wrapped Andromeda, Southern Hemisphere, Day Earth and Moon, and Night Earth and the Moon are available as well.
  • Each one of the above-mentioned discs is high-definition, highly comforting, realistic, pretty much accurate as far as space projector is concerned.

Overall feel and quality of the Sega Homestar

You will notice a sharp, bright, and detailed projection of the stars. The range and diameter are pretty decent too. It will remain true to its brightness and sharpness whether you move it close or farther.

Sega Homestar home planetarium system isn’t much expensive considering the value it provides. It is compact, you can place it anywhere you want.

  • Sharp and bright projections
  • 60,000 star
  • Shooting star mode during rotation
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Zero noise during operation
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable, lightweight, and easy to use
  • 3 different timer settings
  • Interchangeable discs to choose from.
  • Two discs are included in the package.
  • Flawless detailing.
  • A bit expensive.


Sega Homestar’s original black home planetarium is a high quality, durable, famous, and precisely designed kit with multiple projection options.

It could be great learning too if Sega decides to make discs with the constellation names on the projection.

You can notice the tiny details during the close-up shots. Everything is so detailed and sharp. This best star projector is easy to use and move around too (portable).

Overall, I am impressed by this little beauty.

 2.   Sega Homestar Flux Home Planetarium Galaxy Projector

Sega Homestar Flux Home Planetarium Galaxy Projector review


  • Ultra-sharp and bright projection
  • 60,000 high-definition star display
  • Compatible with existing discs
  • Highly advanced, multi-level glass lenses
  • 2 discs included.
  • Uses much less energy
  • More than 30 new discs with new scenes are also available
  • Super durable and lightweight
  • Smooth focus dial
  • Most powerful SEGA projector
  • High or low ceilings, and walls projection (4’7†to 8’10â€)
  • Wattage: 5 watts
  • Voltage: 110 voltage
  • Item weight: 3.52 pounds
  • Item dimensions: 9.13 x 7.76 x 7.6 inches
  • Soundless operation
  • Quite and relaxing disc rotation
  • Matte black
  • USB plug charging

 Sega Homestar Flux Reviews 

Sega Homestar Flux is Sega’s best star projector with enhanced, sharp, and bright, and detailed projection than its predecessor.

Right off the bat, you will notice the difference in the package. The older Sega was packed in a normal plastic box, but the flux’s packaging looks like a nice gift box with beautiful stars printed on it. A quality package means a quality product.

It is not like the previous model was not efficient enough, but I like the fact that SEGA updated its previous model by adding modern features, better discs, better lenses, and durable material.

You will get the skylight projector, projection discs, manual, and a star map in the package.

 Why choose Sega Homestar Flux home planetarium 

  • The major difference between the two is the power supply. The newer Sega Homestar Flux uses a USB power supply which is a lifesaver. It is much easier to plug into things like power sockets, adapters, and power banks.
  • It has that same shooting star mode during rotation. Sega Homestar Flux has more graphic in its shooting star mode. I love it.
  • Sega Homestar Flux becomes completely portable with the help of the USB charging feature.
  • The power bank should be your main power source.
  • Not to mention how lightweight this unit is.
  • The original Homestar had a shiny plastic finish which was kinda ordinary in terms of looks and feels.
  • Flux has a nice matte black finish. I love its color and design. Looks more like a premium star ceiling projector considering the price tag.
  • Sega Homestar Flux has lit controls to tell you what you select in the dark. Text is not lit.
  • Flux is using the top-loading mechanism and it can take the discs of the original home star as well. So if you already have those previous discs, it will work just fine.
  • It is not a massive device. It is pretty compact and quite easy to carry around.
  • One of the best features of this model is the ability to be incredibly quiet while operating. That is why Sega Homestar Flux is probably the best star projector in terms of low noise and better display.
  • I would also like to mention that it doesn’t use much energy to operate as well. It is probably more electricity efficient than the original Sega Homestar.

Working of Sega Homestar Flux

Run both Sega Homestar Flux, and Sega Homestar original side by side. Flux has a much crisper, sharper, and brighter display than the original.

Original’s display won’t even show. It will hide behind the flux’s projection. Original’s projection is a lot more spread out, but Flux’s projection is condensed.

  • 60,000 stars projected with such ultra-sharpness
  • Brighter than the original
  • More condensed and detailed oriented
  • It is lightweight and easy to operate
  • Shooting star function on rotation
  • Ability to change the focus angles
  • Different timer settings
  • Run it all night long, it won’t get hot.
  • For suit for children – adults
  • Game-changing USB charging port. Much more convenient
  • Super awesome matte finishing
  • Highly electricity efficient
  • Pricier than the original Homestar


Of course, Sega Homestar Flux is going to be better because it is a newer, lighter, stylish, efficient, sharper, detailed, and brighter model.

It doesn’t get hot at all during its operation.

The best feature about this improved version is its USB charging port which was desperately needed in the previous model. I can even use my Power bank to supper electricity.

Sega Homestar Flux home planetarium has more clearer and condensed projection of the stars and constellation. I would recommend this newer model if you can afford it.

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 3.   BlissLights Sky Lite – Laser Star Projector, home planetarium

BlissLights Sky Lite – Laser Star Projector, home planetarium review


  • AC power supply
  • 6-hour built-in timer
  • Blue Nebula with stars projection
  • 32 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit operating temp:
  • Extremely compact and portable
  • Super lightweight
  • Projection is bright and sharp   
  • Number of lights: 2
  • Preferred usage: indoor use
  • Light direction: highly adjustable
  • Batteries included or required: No.
  • Wattage: 5 watts
  • 120 VOLTS
  • Push-button switch style
  • Power: electric corded
  • Green and blue colors are available

 BlissLights Sky Lite Review 

 BlissLights Sky Lite is the bestselling and currently the top-rated star light projector in the market. It is a well built, highly durable, and reliable galaxy projector with a pretty simple and compact design.

It is dominating the market with its blue Nebula cloud projection blended with thousands of stars. The display is sharp and detailed.

This unit is budget-friendly too compared to those expensive SEGA home planetariums. Though it is made of plastic, the quality of the plastic good. It won’t break or deform.

 Why choose BlissLights Sky Lite 

  • Right off the bat, you will notice how portable and compact this unit is. Smaller than a hand. You will need a 3 AC foot adapter cord to power it on.
  • BlissLights home planetarium Company specializes in indoor and outdoor laser lights. Their high-end holographic and laser light technology is also famous in theme parks, musical concerts, and shows in general. BlissLite is their highest selling brand.
  • People are using BlissLights Sky Lite for movie nights at a friend’s house, dates, in bedrooms, for gaming and Youtubing, and other indoor
  • Magnifying round ball projects the stars and stuff. There is a laser aperture above the magnifying ball, don’t look directly into the laser. It may cause problems down the road.
  • This home planetarium is laser-based which means it can go wide. It will cover the entire room (almost) even if the ceiling is 15 – 16 ft. high.
  • There two versions of BlissLights Sky Lite. One is the green-blue light, another one is cobalt blue light. Both versions are spectacular projections with amazing sharpness, details, and realism.
  • BlissLights ceiling projector has fixed their noise problem. Before. Users complained about the noise of the motor running, but the newer models are soundless.
  • When it rotates, you can witness falling stars as well.

How BlissLights Sky Lite buttons work

1st button is switch ON/OFF which also acts to change the light modes. On the first click, it will turn and show the mixture of Blue Nebula clouds and stars.

  • On the 2nd click, it will only show the blue stars which is a kinda darker, detailed, and beautiful theme.
  • 3rd click, it will only display Nebula clouds. A magical noir experience.
  • On the 4th click, it will fade away and turn off. Be patient, if you click twice, it will begin from the start

2nd button: It is used to rotate the stars in a clockwise rotation. I love the feature. It changes the whole display into something more of a celestial feel.

3rd button: It is to change the brightness level from lowest, mid-level, and brightest. I would recommend the mid-level setting for a more relaxing feel.

Pro tip: Projection works well if the room is completely dark.

  • Bestselling star light projector.
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Simple to operate
  • 45 – 90 degrees projection options
  • 3 different button settings
  • Energy efficient
  • 6-hour timer
  • AC powered
  • Ultra detailed Blue Nebula and stars
  • Can project up 15 – 16 ft. ceiling
  • Covers the entire room.
  • Best value for money
  • A bit of noise issue (rarely).


In my opinion, BlissLights Sky Lite is one of the best star projectors considering the price, positive reviews, disc-less operation, and overall convenience.

Nebula and stars can be projected separated as well. I like the mixture of both projections though.

The Nebula cloud overlapping the sea of stars shiny at your face is an amazing experience.

This ceiling projector is lightweight and durable considering the material being used in its manufacturing is plastic. It is energy efficient too. I highly recommend one of these beauties.

My suggestion is that you never should look into the laser aperture directly. The projected beam is harmful to the retina.

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 4.   YSD Night Lighting Lamp, Modern Star Rotating Galaxy Projector

YSD Night Lighting Lamp, Modern Star Rotating Galaxy Projector review


  • Multiple lighting effects
  • 360-degree rotation
  • 13 – 14 hours of battery life after charging
  • USB charging port
  • Creates an ideal sleep environment
  • Remote control distance: 32 ft.
  • Bright and sharp projection
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Battery-powered
  • Plastic made (quality)
  • Item weight: 1.12 pounds
  • 1 lithium battery required
  • LED light source
  • Remove control included
  • Timer settings. Auto shutoff

 YSD Night Lighting Lamp Review 

In my opinion, the YSD night light lamp is the best star projector for kids. The reason is its mesmerizing multi-colored star projection that can cover the entire room.

This unit is not only lightweight, durable, and easy to use but it is lithium-ion battery power that can last up to 12 – 14 hours after fully charged. Probably the best star projector/ home planetarium in terms of charging.

This feature makes the YSD Galaxy Projector portable, and a primary choice for outdoors and friend’s night out.

 Why choose YSD Star Projector 

  • Very nice LCD to show you the minutes of the timer.
  • There are multiple color options to choose from. Choose up to 8 combined colors.
  • Completely silent 360-degree operation. A high resolution, detailed, sharp, and bright projection of stars and moon on the ceiling of your child’s room is guaranteed.
  • The remote control is a lifesaver. If you are clumsy, just use the remote control to operate the YSD Galaxy Projector. I use it remotely as well 😛
  • This home planetarium works on a 1200 Mah battery that is rechargeable using a USB cord. A fully charged battery should last up to 14 hours as mentioned above.
  • I like it to design it. I don’t think it looks like a childish star light projector to me. It is kinda stylish and sleek in design.
  • Unlike most confusing or frustrating galaxy lights, YSD Star Projector is super easy to program.

YSD Star Projector is best for:

This best night light projector is perfect for Christmas, birthday parties, parties in general, thanksgiving decorations, and wedding dances.

While it creates a wonderful starry atmosphere for the children, it can also be used as a disco galaxy light for the adults at the same time.

YSD Galaxy Projector is best for outdoor usage as well since it operates on a 1200 MAH battery. Take it with you on camping trips to make it more memorable. Its projection is super dense and high-definition.

It ticks all the boxes.

  • Different timer settings
  • Multiple color options
  • 360-degree rotation option
  • A bright, sharp, and detailed projection
  • Remote controlled
  • Perfect for outdoors as well
  • Battery-powered
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Best for parties and bedtime
  • Non-focused projection


YSD night lighting lamp is an advanced, and best Galaxy projector with multiple timer options, multiple colors to choose from, and it is lightweight and durable.

Most importantly. The projection itself is bright, sharp, detailed, and condensed. I also love the fact that it is powered by a 1200 mah battery which makes the ceiling projector completely portable and more convenient.

I would suggest to it outdoors as well. The projection diameter and sharpness of the display is second to none. It is more of a disco ball with its 360-degree rotation.

YSD night lighting lamp isn’t much expensive. 9.5/10 from me.

 5.   Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual ceiling Projector Science Kit

Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual ceiling Projector Science Kit review


  • Easy to use
  • 360-degree rotational movement
  • Affordable
  • 24HD space images
  • Northern Sky is also projected
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Nightlight feature
  • Auto-shutoff
  • 4 removal discs included
  • Practically soundless operation
  • Item weight: 1.85 pounds
  • 8 – 15 years of life
  • 4 AA batteries required
  • Material: Plastic
  • More than 50 different image combination
  • 15 – 30 minute timer settings

 Smithsonian Optics Review 

Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium is a super lightweight, funky, dual-functional, and HD star projector lamp that has the Smithsonian brand name attached.

Most of the kids under 10 loves the Smithsonian channel, so they love this unit too because it can project stars, planets, constellations, moon, and whatnot.

You got several images to choose from. All of the images on the discs are HD. Though it is made of plastic, it is not like that it will break on you or something. Don’t worry about it. It provides great value for money.

 Why choose Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium 

  • This unit works on AA batteries which makes it not only portable but a lot more convenient. No more adapters or wires.
  • It is a dual-functioned home planetarium projector. Northern Sky’s rotating star is being projected using 24HD space images in this mode. Use it as a nightlight, or starlight. Up to you.
  • Each image carries intense details and sharpness. The projection is brighter and focused. There is a focus ring beneath the projection lens.
  • High-quality images of celestial bodies, Nebula, stars, spacecraft, and astronauts are projected. Most of the celestial bodies feel like 3D to me.
  • It comes with an auto-shutdown timer. Start and leave it, it will turn off automatically after your child is asleep.
  • Smithsonian Galaxy projector comes a with 360-degree rotational movement feature as well. I love this feature.
  • Auto switch-off timer settings
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 8 – 15 years of life
  • It doesn’t make any sound
  • More than 50 combinations created by many slides
  • All the projections are HD
  • Suitable for kids under 12.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Focus is non-adjustable


Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium will not only leave you stunned if you are an adult but for the kids, it is a great learning tool.

All those HD images can be combined to create more than 50 combinations of constellations, stars, celestial bodies, and space adventures in general.

It is on our best Galaxy projector list because it is convenient, easy to use, and portable, it uses batteries efficiently, and it is noise pollution-free.

Smithsonian is a very fascinating projector in general. 

 6.   Laser Star Hologram ceiling Projector

Laser Star Hologram ceiling Projector review


  • Fill up huge areas
  • Stars and cloud formation
  • Shooting star included
  • AC power-operated
  • Big in size and shape
  • Extremely durable
  • Target audience: children to adults
  • A learning tool schools
  • Item weight: 3.49 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 12.5 x 10.8 x 9.6 inches
  • Batteries included or required: No
  • 4 hours timer
  • Auto shutoff
  • Push-button ON/OFF
  • 2 built-in glass lenses

 Laser Star Hologram Reviews 

Laser Star Hologram Projector is a plug and plays star home planetarium with an extraordinary detailed, sharp, and realistic projection of the Nebula clouds and stars.

It is quite big and it feels a bit plastic-type, but the quality of the projection makes Laser Star a big player in the star projector marker.

I don’t think its size and material used in manufacturing is that much of a big deal considering the legendary durability it possesses. People are using this unit since 2014 with zero complaints.

This model is using a class 2 laser so never look directly into it. All lasers can damage the eyes so looking directly into them is always a bad idea.

 Why choose Laser Star Hologram Projector 

  • Laser Star Hologram Projector is using 2 built-in high-quality precision glass lenses. These lenses are only used in expensive items.
  • The projection will be so much clear, brighter, and super realistic with the help of these built-in glass lenses.
  • It is just plugged and play, nothing too fancy. An AC adapter is needed, and you are good to go.
  • It does work a lot better in a completely dark room where there is no light pollution compared to other high-end star projectors in the market.
  • Laser Star has a 180-degree Project it on your wall, ceiling, behind you, or wherever you want.
  • It has a 4-hour timer which is kinda beneficial in terms of energy usage. The auto-shutoff prolongs the life of the laser.
  • It is wall mountable. There are few slots underneath where you can screw it on the wall.

Quality of the projection:

You can have a green star projection on its own by starting the unit, or you can have a Blue Cloud of Nebula. A mix of both things a better choice I guess.

The gas Nebula can have an increase or decrease in brightness by a small regulator at the back of the projector. From relaxing to the more intense projector, up to you.

If you look closely, stars do move. Some fast and some slow. A wonderful animation of green stars overlapped by Blue Nebula clouds.

  • Animated stars and Nebula clouds
  • A mind-blowing experience overall
  • 4-hour timer setting is beneficial for electricity savings
  • Covers up an entire room
  • Nebula brightness is adjustable
  • Simple to use.
  • Plug and play facility
  • Using a high-class glass lens
  • Occasional shooting stars
  • 10-watt power output is needed
  • Quite big.


Laser Star Hologram Projector might be the most intense and beautiful hologram projector in the market today.

The animated display of blue Nebula clouds and green stars is so relaxing and magical.

The unit is energy efficient, it can rotate to 180 degrees, and it super durable despite being made of plastic.

This model is using a high-end glass lens, and class 2 laser technology. The projection covers a wide range of areas.

The detailing, sharpness, density, and the quality of hologram are top-notch. I am recommending it.

 7.   Uncle Milton Death Star Planetarium Pro

Uncle Milton Death Star Planetarium Pro review


  • Crystal clear projection
  • Bright LED light
  • Constellation and galaxy guide included
  • Automatic image rotation
  • Auto shut-off
  • Projection angle is adjustable
  • USB cable included – over 6ft. long
  • Super lightweight
  • Ease to operate.
  • USB charging port
  • Item weight: 1.37 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 7 inches
  • Projects over 10.000 stars
  • 3 high-resolution image discs are included
  • Stars wars theme

 Uncle Milton Death Star Review 

Bring the star wars world right into your bedroom with Uncle Milton’s Death Galaxy projector. Out of all projectors, this one is the most unique because there is a theme to this unit along with the usual star projection.

A tabletop death star replica has been converted into a tabletop home planetarium. Don’t you mistake it for a toy or those other cheap projectors, this one is the real deal with a crystal clear projection.

The detailing is more than enough to teleport to that star wars journey we all love. It is targets kids as well as the adult target audience.

 Why choose Uncle Milton Death Star 

  • Use a USB cable to plug the death star into any USB port and power this bad boy on.
  • There are 3 high-resolution image discs to choose from. Earth night sky, the Star Wars Galaxy, and the Battle of Yavin.
  • Each disc is unique in its way, but the quality of the projection, resolution, sharpness, and detailing is high end.
  • Pop up the disc holder and insert the image disc of your choice, but remember to adjust the focus knob to set the image according to your eyes.
  • Death star can be rotated on its base. Aim the projection at a wall or ceiling. There is a rotation button to rotate the projection at a smooth pace. Convenient overall.
  • There are 30 minutes, and 60 minutes timers included. After that, it will auto shut off.
  • If you are a Noob, the Death star projector comes with a guide of the Northern hemisphere, and a Star Wars galaxy to tell you what you are seeing.
  • More than 10,000 stars are projected with realistic clarity.

Uncle Milton Death Star projector is learning too

It is a pretty much cool gadget for star wars fans young and old. It is bringing the star wars experience and nostalgia right into the bedroom, but more than that it is a great learning tool for kids.

The main benefit of this model is the ability to teach kids ages 8 – 10 years about the constellations. After learning about them on the projector, they can go outside and find them for real.

  • Stars wars experience is real and fascinating
  • The product is compact and funky
  • Energy efficient
  • Uses a USB cable which makes it more convenient
  • Projection is high-definition and super clear
  • More than 10,000 stars are shown
  • Rotation is possible too.
  • Super lightweight
  • Constellation and star wars galaxy learning guides are included
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Complains about design


Death star’s name was enough to make me purchase this bad boy, but the features like the USB charging port, 3 high-resolution image discs, clear and detailed projection, class 2 laser, and high quality glass lens made it more pleasing for me.

This unit is surprisingly compact and lightweight. It comes in two pieces that needed to be assembled later which makes it portable as well. The timer and auto-shutoff features make it energy efficient as well.

I have seen many star projectors heat up after a few hours of operation, but not with DEATH STAR.

It is not like that I am overhyping this model because it is linked to star wars, this one is the real deal.

 8.   Omegon Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Projector

Omegon Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Projector Review


  • Futuristic design
  • Improved lens
  • Projection is relaxing and realistic
  • More than 10,000 stars projection
  • Two interchangeable image discs
  • Earth/Moon/Sun disc, and star field disc
  • Mini USB cord included
  • Rotation is possible
  • The instruction Manual is easy to read
  • Item weight: 2.07 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 6 x 6 x 7 inches
  • Age: 6 – 15 years
  • Batteries: 3AA batteries
  • White LED lights
  • Adjustable projection angle
  • Adjustable focus

 Star Theater Pro Review 

Star Theater Pro is made in a rather stylish way. It has a shiny black color and consists of two parts. The projector is a small, and super lightweight ball with a stand to sit on.

Probably the best home planetarium in terms of style.

Star Theater Pro can be directed at the ceiling and either side of the wall. This unit is powered by a micro-USB port which is kinda super convenient.

Use a camera, laptop, power bank, or an adapter to power it on. A lot of options are available.

Unfortunately, there is no adapter in the package, but a USB cord is included.

 Why choose Star Theater Pro 

  • The manufacturer is offering a choice of 24 additional super colorful and bright discs like stars wars, Nebula clouds, and many others.
  • Focus and sharpness can be adjusted using the focus ring above the lens.
  • The design is so beautiful and futuristic, unlike other childish star projectors. Its shape and design make it a wonderful home décor item.
  • Black and white starry sky image discs contain more than 50,000 thousand stars.
  • The projection is mind-blowing. It is condensed and intense with little details. You can adjust the focus and sharpness.
  • The sun, moon, and earth is a powerful projection with contrasting, and saturated colors.
  • During the rotation, the image will not only slowly spin, but it will also display different areas of the slide which were hidden before.
  • LED is the lighting source which means it will energy efficient.
  • It uses a MINI USB port which is also kinda cool and convenient.
  • I am impressed by its quality too. Though it is made from plastic, there is no loose end, rattling sounds, or any plastic feel to it.
  • It is dead quiet as well.

Control panel:

The controls on the panels are complemented by small lights above each button. The light helps to realize whether the button is ON, or OFF.


This button is responsible for turning ON/OFF of the device. There is a red light indicator above the button which will glow if the button is ON. This button will only work if your ceiling projector is connected to a power source.


The second button will activate the rotation mode. There is a green light indicator above the button as well. The image of projections will start to rotate around its axis once the button is ON.


This button is responsible for the timer settings. There are two lights above this button.

Press it once, the 30-minute timer will be activated along with the first light. Press it a second time, the 60-minute timer will be activated along with the second light. If you press it 3rd time, the timer button will shut off.


This button is responsible for opening the compartment with discs.

  • A great choice for kids
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • USB mini charging port
  • High-quality projection
  • Adjustable focus and sharpness
  • Rotation and timer modes
  • Beautifully designed
  • Energy efficient
  • Doesn’t include the adapter


Star Theater Pro is targeted at young kids to adults. Its projection quality and clarity are not only interesting but informative enough to engage adults as well.

I like the shape and compactness of this planetarium. It is a bit cheaper than other high-end projectors as well.

Star Theater Pro is an energy-efficient device and it won’t heat up even if you use it for 7 – 8 hours straight.

This is one of the most highly recommended Galaxy projectors in the world. I believe you should try it.

Best Star Projector Buyer’s Guide

After gathering data from the online and offline market, we have compiled a list of the top 8 best star projectors that are currently being purchased.

But, before making a purchasing decision, a user must know the product’s durability, lighting modes, power source, is it energy efficient or not, quality and sharpness of the projection, and sound quality (if it has stereo speakers).

Other important features like its weight and dimensions, how many projection discs or modes it has, type of projection bulb, the material it is made of, how wide its projection range is, and most importantly, is budget-friendly or not.

We have compiled all that data into our most functional buying guide you can access out there.

These star projectors or night lights are a bit different from conventional projectors that we usually use in our offices, movies night outs, etc. so dive into our buying guide.



 Purpose of Use  

Some need a more relaxing environment with stars and Nebula clouds dancing on the ceiling. Some like to sleep under the soothing night light. The couple wants a romantic date under the color patterns.

Adults want a more tranquil environment to create a working environment, and there are those kids who want to sleep under the starry sky while learning the names of constellations at the same time.

For kids:


  • home planetariums like Sega Homestar Classic, flux, and Blisslights is recommended. These projectors create a more soothing, sleeping, and relaxing environment for kids and babies that would help them go to sleep.
  • The Sega, Smithsonian Optics, and Uncle Milton units are also great learning tools for kids. The knowledge of constellations and our galaxy is included in these models.

Adult:                                                                Adult-icon

Adults are not into cartoonish projections. They like more realistic, relaxing, funky, and mature lights for their activities.

  • Star Theater Pro, and Sega units are perfect for adults.
  • Sega models are more like relaxing tools for work and sleep, but other mentioned units can be used for parties, celebrations, movie nights, ceremonies, bars, restaurants, tubing, and gaming.
  • I have seen people using the above-mentioned projectors in various activities. The quality of the projection is not goofy at all. That is why I would recommend these units for adults.

 Power source  

power source icon

One of the main factors when purchasing a star projector is its power source. AC adapter usage is the traditional way to power up your unit, but it cut away a lot of features.

Your starry night projector won’t die in the middle of the show with an AC adapter, but it cuts away the portability option.

You can’t just use your unit outdoor without an AC supply, and plugs are also dangerous near the baby’s crib.

Most modern units used either batteries or a USB cord. Smithsonian Optics projectors are using batteries as a power source.

Batteries change the game and make the unit portable. You can carry it and use it wherever you want. Though batteries will die eventually, I would prefer them over AC adapters.

Models like Sega flux, YSD night lamp, star theater pro, and Uncle Milton are known for their USB charging ports. I highly recommend choosing the USB port charging type over other power sources.

You can not only power your projector from an adapter of power bank, but cell phones, cameras, laptops, and other USB type supported devices also come in to play. A portable and convenient option.

 Type of light source/bulbs  

I am not even mentioning those cheap bulbs that are just awful to use. I have only listed projectors that are either LEDs or laser lights.

These are the two main types of light sources in modern projectors.



LED-based projectors have a lifespan of over 20,000 hours. These are brighter, sharper, and condensed forms of bulbs that are ultra-energy efficient. They won’t get heat up easily.

LED projectors are tiny but expensive than conventional bulb types.



Laser-based projectors are kinda similar to LED ones with longer life, and maintenance-free operation, but lasers offer a higher lumen output (beyond 30,000).

Lasers can be dangerous as well if you look directly into them. Your eyes can sustain serious damage.

Almost all of the projectors on our list are either using LED, LASER, or both simultaneously. You won’t have to roam around the internet to find one.

 Timer settings  

When you fall asleep, the battery would be wasted if you forgot to turn off the unit that is why timer setting is common in almost all star projectors and home planetariums.

There are some models star theater pro, sega units that are offering multiple timer settings ranging from 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and six hours.

Choose a unit that has multiple timer settings, and an auto-shutoff feature to save either battery or energy bills.

 Lighting modes  

Lighting modes mean the purpose of usage. If you want a relaxing environment for yourself to work or do yoga, then BlissLights Sky, Laser star hologram, and star theater pro are popular choices in that list.

If you want your child to go to sleep, then sega Homestar and flux are preferred.

YSD Star, and YSD projectors are famous for birthday parties, celebrations, ceremonies, Gaming, YouTubing, and movie nights.

Each model discussed above is famous for its color patterns, sharpness, projection quality, and ease of use.

 Material – durability  

All of the units on our best star projector list are made of strong and durable material.

A lot of projectors in the market are of cheap plastic. It only takes one fall to break into pieces.  I would suggest purchasing a model that is either made of ABS material, or hard plastic. By doing that, it won’t break or deform on you.

If the material has Passed CE, RoHS, FCC & FDA safety tests, then I would highly recommend that model keeping my child’s safety in mind.

 Remote control  

It is pain in the ass to get out of the comfortable bed if you want to adjust the color patterns or brightness adjustment, I hate it.

I am a very clumsy guy so I would want to pick a unit that has a remote control. It gives me the freedom to operate the projector while lying around.

Models like YSD come with really good remote controls.

 Rotating and still projections  

The rotating projection will move the image across the room. The image will bounce across the ceiling. A still projection will display the image in one specific area.

Though it depends on the personal preference whether you want your projection to rotate or remain stationary.

The rotation function (180 – 360 degrees) is installed in almost all of the modern star projectors.

Units like Smithsonian Optics, Sega models, YSD & Blisslights are known for their slow and steady rotating projection.

These models are the best home planetariums in terms of smooth rotation.

I would recommend choosing one that has shooting star mode with a rotation like SEGA models.


A lot of galaxy lights are coming with stereo speakers and built-in sounds. The built-in sounds are either white noises or lullabies to make your little ones fall asleep.

Built-in speakers are solely for partying, ceremonies, relaxing, movie nights, and dancing along with the beautiful color patterns.

Star Projector lamp has built-in Bluetooth speakers. The quality of its audio is not bad at all.

 Price tag  

There were many options available in the market from $30 – $200 when we were conducting our research. We have carefully chosen the top 13 models of various price tags.

It doesn’t mean you will get awesome features with quality projection if you are purchasing an expensive model. The highest selling star light projector is bliss lights, and it is not that expensive.

Keeping that in mind, all of the models on our list offer great features with quality projection. From $50 to $200, we have covered all sorts of galaxy projectors.

 Size and portability 

Most people overlook the size of the product, but I don’t think it is right to do. A compact model should not only be easy to carry around, but it should portable too.

Most of the time we use our galaxy lights/star projectors in our/kid’s rooms, but in case of movie nights, camping, celebrations, ceremonies, gaming, and tubing, you might carry it to your friend’s house too.

That is why it should be portable without any rough edges.

Both Sega models. Blisslights, Smithsonian, death star, and YSD are portable and easy to carry. I would recommend these models.


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