Advantages And Disadvantages of Projectors – Unbiased Analysis

Before making a buying decision we have to know the advantages and disadvantages of projectors. As per the demand of our readers, we have tried our best to provide an unbiased guide.

Without further wasting time letís dive in;

Advantages of Projectors

Screen Customization:

Screen Customization

One of the major benefits of a projector is we can customize the screen as per needs, unlike televisions projectors will give you the flexibility to customize screen size inch by inch. Whenever you want to increase or decrease the screen size you just need to turn the projectorís ring or you can adjust with the remote as well.

Other than that projectors are flexible enough to project at any screen even you can use white or black paint on the wall to get an average result, if you want to get top-notch results you have to purchase a projector screen whose surface is solely made for projectors.

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Why we need screen customization flexibility:

  • The big screen almost doubled my gaming experience, being a hardcore gamer I must admit that a bigger screen plays a vital role to explore gaming; however, I have the flexibility to decrease or increase the screen.
  • Sometimes we need to watch movies with 40 to 50 friends or relatives, a small screen of 40 to 60 inches will not provide them the desired visibility we need to enlarge the screen to get utmost visual experience.
  • Unlike televisions, projectors are not dependent on the hardware I can use the projector with a white screen if I donít have any top-rated screen.

Compact and Portable:


Most of the projectors are lightweight and easy to carry, though there are some heavy Projectors like †JVC DLA-NX5, still, we can found a bunch of the projectors between, 5 to 25 lbs. I didnít face any problem to carry my 24 lbs. Epson 5050ub projector to my friends,† all I need an electricity connection and a decent screen.

As per our data, a Normal T.V of 50 to 60 inches screen comes with at least 30 to 40 lbs.† That is not an easy task for me to carry that heavy T.V for only 60 inches screen.

Eye Comfort:

Eye comfort is one of the major things that should be considered before buying a projector or T.V, projectors provide way better eye comfort as compared to T.Vs due to the following reasons.

Eye Comfort

  • The projector does not emit blue light which is the enemy of the retina and eye lens, however, T.Vs are emitting blue lights we have to make a certain distance or reduce the screen addiction to keep our eyes safe.
  • Unlike T.Vs, Projectors project indirect lights that are less harmful to your eyes as compared to the direct light.
  • If you have a quality Projector you can enlarge the screen up to 150 inches or more, a bigger screen will impact lower on your eyes as compared to the smaller screen, you donít need to stress your eyes to visualize the elements, however in smaller screen you have to stress.
  • Modern projectors have a smart eye safety feature, whenever an object is detected too close to the projectorís beam the light turns off automatically.

You can get more information here

3D Availability:

Though projectors are not that expensive still you can get average 3d quality within an affordable price tag, however, 3D televisions are very expensive you may have to spend 2 to 4k bucks to get a high-quality 3D T.V with a huge screen size.


Projectors are reasonably priced as compared to televisions, also, projectors worth each penny because of multiple benefits over price.

I have BenQ X1300i 4LED projector that can project 100 inches screen with 4k resolution, however its cost is about 1300 bucks. If I am going to hunt a T.V that can provide 100 inches screen with 4k resolution I have to spend about 3 to 4k bucks.

But wait;

I know some of the old-school guys are still confused about projectors lamp life. Let me clarify that modern projectors come with a durable lamp that can last for 15,000-20,000 hours. If you are going to operate your projector for 10 hours a day you have to change the lamp after 4 to 7 years and surprisingly the lamp will cost you about 100 to 200† bucks.


You can use a motorized screen or paint to save space for your room, the motorized screen will have the option to fold it completely however a chunk of paint will not cover your space, simply you will have a compact space-saving set-up with a compact projector.

Disadvantages of projectors

Canít work in Harsh Ambient:

Though modern projectors have high lumens to work well in modest ambient, still they canít perform in loud ambient, however, the latest T.Vs have an OLED display that can combat harsh ambient perfectly.

So the bottom line is T.Vs have supper bright screen as compared to the projector, you have to put your project in a dark cave to see actual performance.

Need Maintenance:

Since the projector has lenses, filters, and a screen to project pictures we have to maintain/Cleaning them periodically to get top-notch performance, however in T.Vs we donít need to maintain them more frequently.

Rainbow effects:

Rainbow effects

Though projector manufacturers have tried their best to mitigate rainbowing effects, still a few old DLP models have that fault.

The rainbow effect will provide you annoying flashes of the colors on the edges of the object, projector geeks like me are very sensitive about that effects. I will never purchase a projector with such annoying effects it will ruin the crispness, colors, and blacks of the projectors.

Make sure to check out your unit precisely if you are not sensitive about the rainbow effect seek help from experts.

You need to learn about rainbow effect in laser and lamp-based projectors. Check that article as well.

Not easy to install:

Not easy to install

The installation will be easy if you are going to use

it on the table, however, ceiling mounting will need expertise, A newbie may struggle to mount properly.

Other than that your projector’s screen and ceiling mount needs separate installations.

The bottom line is you will have to spend few bucks to hire a professional if you donít have the expertise to install the projector or calibrate it perfectly.



My Thoughts

Instead of buying an expensive T.V that canít provide me a huge screen, portability, and screen customization I prefer the high-end projector. Though T.Vs have supper picture quality, colors, brightness, etc. still I can use my projector in a dark cave or modest ambient to enjoy serials and gaming without hurting my eyes.

This is my opinion, you donít need to follow it blindly maybe you are the guy who needs a medium screen, you donít want to take it during the traveling or you hate to do maintenance. In that case, a T.V will be a perfect choice for you.

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