What Is A Short Throw Projector?- Explanation of Throw Distance & Ratio

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What Is A Short-Throw Projector?

A projector that can project a 100+ inches screen from 3 to 8 feet away from the screen is known as a short-throw projector.

Short throw projectors are a lifesaver for small room owners; we have the flexibility to place our short-throw projector very close to the screen. Also, the manufacturer rushes to produce a mind-blowing built-in sound system as well to save more space and cost.

What is Throw Distance?

The distance from the projector lens to the image on the screen is known as the throw distance of a projector, Throw distance varies from projector to projector.

What is the throw ratio?

The ratio of throw distance to the width of the image is known as throw ratio, we just need to divide throw distance by the width of an image to get throw ratio.

let’s explore the diagram to understand well:

† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † Source: Light Form


Here is the Mathematical form:

Throw ratio = distance from projector screen/Width of the image.

Advantages Short Throw Projector

Space-saving: short-throw projectors are impressive to save your living room or home theater space, as they are flexible about throw ratio.

Brighter: Most of the short-throw projectors come with laser engines with ANSI lumens that can project way brighter pictures as compared to normal lamp projectors. A short-throw projector will perform way better than a long-throw projector in a modest ambient.

Longer lamp life: As short throw projectors have a laser or LED engines, you will get almost double lamp life as compared to lamp projectors.

Less maintenance: Since short-throw projectors donít have lamps they mostly use premium stuff like laser engines, you donít need to do maintenance on regular basis to keep away your projector from overheating. let’s explore our Guide about throw ratio for†better understanding.

Low ongoing Cost: Short throw projectors need almost zero ongoing cost because their lamp life is mind-blowing; also they donít require any filter or fan replacement rapidly because they are free from overheating.

Powerful speaker: Most of the short throw projectors come with powerful built-in speakers or soundbars, you may not require a separate sound system if you are not a hardcore sound lover.

Disadvantages short throw projector

Expensive: Short throw projectors are expensive as compared to long throw projectors.

Smaller Screen: Long throw projectors projects almost doubled image size as compared to short throw.

Some common Throw distances

Long-throw: A long-throw†projector can project a 100 inches screen from 11-15 feetís away, you must need a big room to operate these kinds of projectors

Short throw: A Short throw projector can project a 100 inches screen from 3 to 8 feet away, you donít need a huge room.

Ultra short throw (UST): An UST projector can project a 100 inches screen from 1 to 3 inches away, you can operate these kinds of projectors even in a congested cave.

The Major Difference Between Short Throw And Long Throw Projector

Short throw projectors can project 100 inches screens from a very close distance of 4 to 8 inches, however, large throw projectors are not able to project from a very close distance. Generally, we can get 100 inches screen from 10 to 15 inches away from the screen.

Of course, there will be differences between, brightness, lamp life, and other parameters if you are interested to get a detailed comparison make sure to check out our guide on normal-throw vs. long throw.

Frequently Asked Questions-(FAQs)

Is a short-throw projector better?

It depends, short-throw projectors are great for medium or small rooms, however, if you have a larger room you can cut off your cost by getting a large throw projector with tremendous color quality brightness and lamp life.

When would you use a short-throw projector?

If you have a small/medium room or want to explore more brightness with less maintenance and ongoing cost you should go for a short-throw projector.

Why are short throw projectors so expensive?

They have premium light engines and other kinds of stuff, you will not get the ordinary lamps, in most cases, you will get laser engines that can last for more than 20,000 hours.

How long does a short-throw projector last?

The life of a short-throw projector is more than your expectations, I canít state a certain life of a short-throw projector, however, I am using my short-throw projector for the last 4 years, even I didnít change its laser engine.

As per our experiments you just need to change the laser engine right after 20,000 to 30,000 hours.

Are short-throw projectors brighter?

Yes due to the latest light engines like laser, LEDs, etc., short throws are brighter than long throws.

Do short-throw projectors need a special screen?

No, you can use it on ordinary screens; even you can use it on simple paint

Do short-throw projectors need to warm up?

In most cases, they donít need an initial warm-up because of laser engines.

Can short-throw projectors be ceiling mounted?

Yes, you will get short-throw projectors that can be mounted on the ceiling as well. Benq HT671ST and BenQ HT2150ST are examples of ceiling mounting short throw projectors.

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