Why Are Projectors So Expensive? – Which Makes Them So Expensive

You might be wondering why projectors are so expensive. Even though the advanced level 4k projectors were first released in 2004 and it is expected that their price will come down. But the prices didnít come down.

Though the high prices arenít due to the high resolution only. There are also a number of factors that play part in making them far better than TVs and monitors while taking the prices up to maximum level.

Projectors not only provide a large-screen viewing experience, but they are also lighter in weight and smaller in size as compared to traditional screens and TVs. Their design is usually sleek and thin while the viewing experience is never compromised. The retractable screen in some models can easily disappear into the ceiling.

The feature of the modified display is adjustable from the screen to the distance of the projector. There are different keystones also involved in making the correct angle for an excellent view.

When it comes to the design of a projector, then manufacturers keep the health and safety of the consumers in mind. Almost everyone has faced eye strain while sitting for hours in front of computers and televisions. As your eyes try to adjust towards the light, the eye strain usually happens. But it isnít a common thing in case of projectors.

The above-mentioned facts describe the expensiveness of projectors while there are some other factors too that will play a role to elaborate why projectors are so expensive.

The Common Cost of A Projector Depends On The Model

Each model of the projector has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. We will discuss each of them and the reason for the high price, energy costs, and bulb replacement costs.

DLP Projectors (Digital Light Projection)

If you want to get a 4k DPL projector then pricing may start from $200 to $500 or even up to $1000. The major feature that costs too much, in this case, is the brightness rating or lumens. For a standard room, 2000 to 2500 lumens of brightness are quite sufficient. But if there are many windows in the room and you intend to use your projector during the daytime then definitely, youíll need more lumens for the projector.

There will also be a need for making more investment in other associated items such as light bulbs. The bulb costs more than $50 usually while the majority costs more than $100. This pricing can also go higher due to some brands or manufacturers that cost more than the market price.

LCD Projectors (Liquid Crystal Display Projectors)

The hardware cost of LCD projectors is quite similar to the DLP projectors but it is expected to be a bit higher. The pricing is determined on the basis of lumens and resolution. †There is a comparable price range of $200-$500, with some strong contenders.†The LCD projectors with 4k resolution usually cost more than $1000.

LED Projectors

While the LED projectors are inherently more advantageous as compared to the other two technologies. There is no need for installing a single high-powered bulb.

A standard LED projector costs under $300 that are comparably low in comparison to the DLP and LCD projectors. Also, the LED projectors are highly energy-efficient and cost less by consuming less electricity.

What Makes 4K Projectors Expensive?


The prices for projectors arenít specifically fixed. Their costs are usually determined by the brands and features they offer. There are some projectors with the least price but they will be not as competitive as you may want them to be.

Mostly, the 4k projectors range in price from 4-figure to 5-figure while there are some exceptions t

hat cost more than 5-figure. These projectors are really very expensive and most of the people arenít capable to afford them.

It all depends on what are your expectations from the projector regarding its features. On some occasional deals, the same projectors are available in an affordable price range but it happens rarely. Still, some are very expensive and if you want to go for good quality and better value you can get those projectors. Otherwise, it is only you, who has to decide all the features and pricing of a projector according to your needs.


An ideal 4K projector has laser LEDs to deliver amazing image quality. The enhanced resolution delivers a noticeably improved viewing experience on a larger screen. Additionally, the sizing of the screen is critical for an excellent home theater projector.

Checkout our guide about projector resolutions.


The setup of a 4K projector is quite similar to the other models. It is recommended by most of the experts to install a ceiling mount for holding a projector. For adjusting image size, you will need to dial the intended settings for a perfect match.

By doing so, you will get a wider viewing angle within your home by 4k home theater projector.


Different audio systems are installed in projectors that offer several options for audio inputs such as Bluetooth, optical audio as well as auxiliary jacks. The built-in speakers of most projectors do not offer an immersive experience but there are many other options to use external speakers to improve the quality of sound.


Brightness of lamp vs laser projector

The laser LEDs in some of the projectors produce a much brighter image than lesser units. The perfect image is mostly imperative to accurate colors in a dynamic range.

With a bright laser light projector, combined with a white or grey screen, rich colors can easily be maintained even in dark scenes.

Are The Features Worth The Price?

To begin, you must first comprehend the capabilities of a 4K projector. A 4K video has four times the resolution of a full HD 1080p video. This means you’ll be able to view everything in great detail. When watching movies at home, a 4K projector gives an unsurpassed cinematic experience.

The cost is not high just because of the resolution, but there are also a few other aspects to consider. Some special hardware is needed for delivering exceptional explanations. The optics and lens also take a significant portion of the production costs. After extensive research optical system used in 4k projectors was developed and no doubt it is remarkable.

Projectors also have better light such as the crystal-clear resolution of 4K projectors require good quality lights. So, it should be clear that getting these kinds of projectors wonít be cheap for you.

Another important consideration is the contrast ratio which determines the price of a projector. For better picture quality, there will be the need for a higher contrast ratio. It means that the projector will not be inexpensive.

What Features Make 4k Projectors Worth the Money?

4K projectors offer a bevy of cutting-edge features that justify their higher cost. Compare a conventional projector to a mini projector if you’re seeking a less expensive projector for your home theatre.

There are the following other important features that increase the costs for the projector.

High Lumens:

A projector with high lumens of brightness guarantees incredible bright light. High lumen output is more enticing to the users, that is why they are a bit expensive.

As long as the bulb of the projector is bright, the image in bright rooms will be the finest.

Vibrant Colors:

The vibrancy in colors also makes the projectors so expensive. The technology used in them is superior to other the other models of TVs and monitors or even in cheap projectors. While the colors are stunningly enticing.

High-Resolution Images:

An expensive projector, especially a 4k projector has displaying quality four times higher than an HD 1080p projector. With such a high resolution, the viewing experience also elevates to another level.

Although, the premium price isnít just because of superb resolution. There is a lot more than a good quality projector offers. All factors combine together in contributing the high cost of various brands.

Cooling System:

The larger unit with excellent features has to do a lot of work and after running for hours, production of heat will be obvious. But donít worry!

These advanced technology projectors have fans already installed in them to keep the system cool. Thus, such cooling systems combat overheating perfectly.

Prolonged Lamp Life:

Some projectors have bulbs in them for light while other models have a different system, such as a lamp.

The longer lamp life decides the lifespan of a projector and also the pricing will reach higher with increasing lamp life.

Exceptionally High Contrast Ratios:

A high contrast ratio can be expected from a 4k projector having highly valued characteristics. Detailed images and messages can be viewed through these high-contrast ratio projectors.

In case you misuse strong contrast, objects in the image will become indistinguishable. By this, the picture quality will be distorted and youíll have a terrible viewing experience.

Superior technology is used in 4k projectors as compared to the other types. More vibrant hues will result due to improved technology. Images will become more aesthetic and appealing.

All these characteristics combine to outperform their competitors. And no doubt adding these features will also cost higher than ordinary models.


Now you may have got the answer to the question, why are projectors so expensive, and the fact is, these projectors come with several useful and outstanding features.

Features like unmatched resolution, vibrant and stunning colors, excellent contrast ratio, low noise, and much more. These exceptional features arenít obvious in usual projectors that do not cost much.

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