Short Throw vs Long Throw Projectors – Major differences Explained

In this article, we have explained Short Throw vs Long Throw Projectors†in detail. We will tell you which one is better for you.

According to our survey, we have found that most newbies canít differentiate between short throw and long throw projectors.

As throw distance is the essential parameter to select your desired projector, our team has decided to clear your thoughts about short throw vs long throw projectors, so that you can get an appropriate one

Without further ado letís dive in;


Short throw vs long throw projectors

 Throw distance: 

The major difference between short throw and long throw projector is their throw distance. A short-throw projector can project a 100+ inches screen from 4 to 8 feet away, however, a long-throw projector can project a 100 inches screen from 10 to 15 feet.

We canít use a long throw projector in a small room because of the long throw distance, however, a short-throw projector can be adjusted in our small room perfectly.

Check out how to calculate the throw ratio.


Installation of short throw projector is minimal, as they can sit very close to the screen you donít need to get long wires with several connectors, on the other hand, long-throw projectors need traditional hectic installations.


A long-throw projector can project larger screens as compared to short-throw projectors, though modern ultra-short-throw projectors have capabilities to project 120 to 150 inches screens still long throw projectors can project about 200 to 240 inches screens.

If you are gamer a gamer like me and want to explore your gaming experience on a huge screen go for a long throw projector.

 Image Quality: 

Image quality is not dependent on throw distance; we should look for other parameters like sharpness, color wheel, projection technology, black levels, projector screen type, etc.

Comparing the image quality on the basis of throw distance is wrong, however, we can compare unite to unite on the basis of various parameters that contribute to maximizing the picture quality.

So the bottom line is you have to test each projector no matter it is a long throw or short throw to get your desired image quality.


Short throw projectors are brighter as compared to a long-throw projector because the short throw projectors have the brightest light engines like laser or LED they can work even in a modest ambient.

Other than that short-throw projector can be placed very near to stabilize the beam of the projector, unlike long throw projectors you will hardly feel muted light source.

 Lamp life: 

Short throws have about 20,000 to 30,000 hours of lamp life; however, the lamp of the long-throw projector can be last from 8,000 to 10,000 hours, just because they have an ordinary lamp.


Short throw projectors are costly as compared to long throw projectors because they have premium light sources with premium components and overall design to cast images from a very close distance.

Click here to get a detailed buying guide about ultra-short-throw projectors.

Pros and cons of Short throw projectors

  • Can project from near.
  • Longer lamp life.
  • Negligible maintenance.
  • Less ongoing cost.
  • No need for pre-heating.
  • Impressive picture quality
  • Easy to install due to less wiring stuff.
  • †No overheating problems.
  • Expensive.
  • Not able to project a huge screen.

Pros and cons of long-throw projectors

  • Can project huge screen.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Impressive picture quality.
  • Multiple varieties.
  • Need maintenance.
  • Less lamp life.
  • Heating issue.
  • Need preheating.

Which One I Should Choose?

Before making a buying decision you have to consider the following things. You might want to check the details of short-throw projectors.

Desired screen size:

If you want a huge screen of 150+ inches you should go for long-throw projectors, however, a short-throw projector is pretty good for a small screen of about 100 inches.

Make sure to calculate your room size?

A large throw projector needs at least 10 to 15 inches distance from the screen to project 100 inches screen, make sure to purchase a large throw unite if you have sufficient space to enjoy a large screen.

Generally, large throw projectors are good for large living rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, and large home theaters, However, a short-throw projector would be a better option for a small room, small home theaters, and rented cabins.

NOTE: Check out the dimensions of your room first to get an appropriate one.

What is your budget?

If you are going to spend more than 3k bucks you should go for short throw projectors as they are the latest technology with minimum maintenance and ongoing cost, otherwise, you can go for long-throw projectors if you have a low budget.

I have an Epson 5050ub that can project a 100 inches screen from 11 inches away with tremendous sharpness and brightness etc. other than that I have LG HU85LA 4K laser Projector that can project a 100 inches screen from a few inches away. But in the end, you have to see your pockets, LG costs me $6.5k however Epson costs me less than $3k.

Where do you want to place your projector?

If you are going to place your projector near to the screen short-throw or ultra-short throw is the best choice, however, if you want to mount your projector to celling long throws are pretty good.

Though short throws also have a ceiling mounting facility but why should we mount on the ceiling if we have the liberty to place very near to the screen without compromising screen size?


We have compared all aspects of both short throw and long throw projectors, know itís your turn to identify your needs and choose accordingly.

Sadly we canít decide the winner, because both technologies are famous for their unique features, i.e. short throws are famous to project from near, however long throws are famous to project huge images.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q: What should I look for in a short-throw projector?

The following factors should be considered before purchasing a short throw projector.

  • Picture quality.
  • Built quality.
  • Color wheel.
  • sharpness.
  • Resolutions.
  • Lamp life.
  • Brightness.
  • Warranty.
  • Throw ratio.

Q: Is there a short-throw 4K projector?

Yes, Optoma cinemaX p2 and LG hu85La 4k is a great example of 4k short-throw/Ultra short throw projectors

Q: Are short-throw laser projectors good?

Yes, lasers are durable, long-lasting, and bright enough to work in a modest ambient, other than that lasers need almost zero maintenance as they are free from overheating, blasting, etc.

Q: Are short-throw projectors good for gaming?

Yes, due to high brightness and vibrant colors short throws are famous for their gaming performance.

Q: How much is a short-throw projector?

A quality Short throws will cost you more them $3k

Q: Do short-throw projectors need to warm up?

As short throws have laser or LED engines they donít need warm-ups

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