How To Connect A Phone To A Projector? – Wireless, Cables, And Analog

This article explains how to connect a phone to a projector whether it is an android, or iPhone wirelessly, with cables, and with analog connections like old school.

How to Connect A Phone To A Projector With Cable Connections

Quick plug and play using wires and cables are always feasible options because the streaming speed will not be compromised. Wireless connections need wireless networks to make the connection between the projector and mobile. Hey, check out how to connect the laptop to a projector as well.

For iPhone:

For a smartphone, cable connection is the ideal choice, especially for iPhone. An HDMI cable with a 19-pin connection will allow top-notch audio and video quality. You would only need one cable for audio and video signals thanks to the HDMI.

Lightning to HDMI adapter from apple is recommended for iPhone because apple constantly updates its security and software on their phones.


 1.  Make sure your iPhone has a video output option if any. Just google it, bro. All latest models have built-in video signal output but just in case, check that out by googling the model.

 2.  Connect the lightning to the HDMI adapter to your phone and projector. Use HDMI 1 port.

 3.  Most projectors automatically search the source within 10 seconds and the screen will be cast on the projector, but in case it doesn’t recognize, find the input select button (Source) and click that.

 4.  Just in case it doesn’t work, restart both your phone and the projector. 99% it works.

You can also watch TV on a projector, check that out if you don’t know already.

For Android:

Similarly, check your model on google if it has a video output signal or not for HDMI. After that:

  • Some phones have a mini-HDMI port that can be directly linked projector using HDMI adapters for projectors.
  • USB-C type phones can also use such HDMI adapters to cast theirs on the projector.
  • A single HDMI cable will be used for both audio and video signals.
  • Download the EZ CAST APP from the play store. Once you connect the phone to your projector, open the app and click the connect to cast your screen.

How To Connect A Phone To A Projector Wirelessly

Devices such as Apple TV and chrome cast are extremely popular because people nowadays need their daily dose of video content.

Although I may not prefer a wireless connection because of the input lag in gaming, the majority of people use a wireless connection because it is more feasible.

For iPhone:

  • Apple TV requires a connection from the Apple TV box to the projector.
  • You would need a WIFI router connected to the internet stream content from your phone projector wirelessly.
  • Once the connection is established, you can cast your screen from the phone to the projector just like that.
  • The drawback is Apple TV would only work with other Apple products.

For Android:

  • Chromecast is one the easiest way to connect your android, apple, and nearly computer to the projector wirelessly. It is the Apple TV version of google.
  • As long as your Chromecast is connected to your projector via an HDMI cable, you can see content on a humongous screen.
  • After plugging in the Chromecast, press the input source button (s) then select HDI or HD2. Select the right input which users have used to plug in Chromecast (HDMI-1 HDMI-2)
  • Download the google home from the play store.



2nd STEP

2nd Step

Final STEP


  • After that, it will scan automatically, connect to your working WIFI network and tap NEXT.
  • Select the name from the list (There will be a list before the scanning). Select office.
  • Open Netflix from mobile, select the sharing icon at the top right corner, then select the TV name from the pop-up. Voila, you have been connected.

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How To Connect A Phone To A Projector Using Analog Connections

Older LCD projectors require analog connections like back in the day. There are two possible ways of creating an analog connection.

  • A composite cable/RCA cable that requires separate plugins for the audio and video.
  • You can use an adapter that will connect your smartphone to a VGA port. Just like we used to connect the monitor to the PC.

What if the phone doesn’t support MHL and HDMI adapters?

If you are unable to create a wire connection between your phone and the project, the wireless option is still there.

For wireless, follow the above-mentioned steps for iPhone and Android.

Check out your projector model for the manufacturer steaming

Nowadays, projectors such as LG and Samsung, and many more has built-in video streaming services. So instead of going through the trouble, check your model number on google or ask the manufacturer.

Process and steps may differ from projector to projector but the basic concept is the same in all the smart projectors.


The most common type of connection is the HDMI connection, a USB might come in next. Not every projector is equipped with a USB port (minority), but almost all of them are equipped with HDMI ports.

Follow the steps carefully to cast your screen, don’t just randomly try on your own. I would recommend a wired connection if that is possible for you.

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