How To Hide Projector Wires? – Proven Methods With Exclusive Tips

A projector plays a significant role in revolutionizing your home theater experience without any doubts. This can be done by the addition of new dimensions to gaming and binge-watching at a surprisingly affordable price.

Though the entertainment will be maintained but the neatness will be lost if a nest of wires protrudes from everywhere. The whole set-up will look messy and you might want to keep the wires out of sight.

In this article, we will help you hide those messy projector wires in some creative ways without depending on the type of projector or setup you already have.

How To Hide Projector Wires? (Effective Methods)

Wires can be concealed in several ways. You can easily hide them or blend them into the ceiling in some creative and attractive ways. You can do it all by yourself without spending much money. Some of the most efficient and effective methods to hide projector wires are mentioned below:

Use Cord Covers:


Cord covers are a great option for hiding the wires of your projector. They are simply a piece of plastic or metal that binds directly to the wall or ceiling. These covers hide the wires in a clean and professional manner where the area looks uncluttered. You can also use a cord cover if the wall mount is out of reach of your equipment. All you need to do is to thread it through the center of the wall mount and then it will be hidden in the best possible way.

You can buy covers that match your paint or home dÈcor with different colors. They are highly affordable and easy to install. There is only one downside of using them as they will always be visible even if they are of similar color to the wall.

Eliminate The Cords:

There will be no need to hide wires if they are not there. You can easily turn your projector into wireless as simple as buying an HDMI dongle or USB. Then, you can plug the other end into the gaming system, receiver or any other content source to send it in a direct manner to the projector without needing cords.

Bluetooth-enabled speakers can also be used for wireless sound. The only cord you cannot replace is the power cord of the projector. As it is usually a slim and unobtrusive cord, you can also reduce the amount of it by carefully positioning the projector.

Run Cords Through The Wall:

This is the permanent and labor-intensive method used for hiding projector wires but also the most effective one. We wonít recommend doing this step on your own unless you are experienced with electrical systems.

Itís not easy to drill a hole into the wall and then run wires down inside it as the heat produced by them can lead to fire risks. Only the experts are familiar with the types of wires and how to safely install them.

Itíd be great to spend some bucks for professional installation. Though it is the most expensive method but your wires will be completely invisible by giving the cleanest look.

Adjust Furniture Wisely

Setting up a traditional flat-screen TV involves the TV stand, an entertainment center that makes a convenient place to stash the cables from the TV, cable box and remaining peripheral devices. But this canít be done with a projector.

Instead of mounting your projector on the ceiling, you can put it on a tall shelf or cabinet and then run the wires through or behind it. The shelf can also be used for the Blu-ray collection and to display knick-knacks whatever suits best with your home dÈcor.

Take Advantage Of Soundproofing Material:


For an immersive home theater experience, sound is as important as sight. To reach the full aesthetic potential, some rooms need to put absorbent materials on the walls and ceiling to redirect the sound waves.

You can install such soundproofing materials in such a way that cables of projector hide underneath them. It is not like putting up unattractive egg crate-style structures. You can easily choose colorful tapestries, curtains, and rugs on the ceilings and walls that can be a great way to dampen sound without compromising the TV room look.

Why Should You Hide Projector Wires?

Wires can be very distracting for you and your audience during the presentation. As projector wires are quite long, they will easily be there no matter what you do. If you are running an event at your home or putting on a classroom presentation, the only thing that will cause a huge distraction to your audience is something that is not even part of the presentation.

It will make everything look unprofessional and also lead to hurt your business image. That is why itís very important to plan out the layout before making any physical connections or running wires through the ceiling or walls. It can cause severe damage if you will not be careful about it.

Also, make sure the sound coming through your speakers doesnít interfere with the wires. When running wires through the room, you need to remember that these wires should always be in a path that is not directly behind walls or people. As they can get stuck in furniture and other objects.

Tips To Hide Projector Wires

As you have now learned about different ways to hide projector wires, there are still many more possible ways you can try. If you will think about it in a creative manner, then the endless methods will help you integrate projector cords into your room dÈcor.

The space, size, and configuration of the viewing room are some important considerations. You will definitely need to keep these considerations in mind for the safety of your life as well as of your home.

  • Evaluate your budget by including the labor and equipment. An in-wall cord costs hundreds of dollars while cord covers cost around 20 bucks a set. Then decide accordingly by which plan youíll move further.
  • How much better use you can make of your outlets? If cords are running all over the ceiling, then take a look at your space and consider whether another layout may be more efficient. This will elaborate the placement flexibility of a projector with its greatest advantage.
  • If you are residing in a rented house, you might not be allowed to drill into the walls. Even if you are living in your own house, some material in your wall would not be able to afford such drills. So, think carefully, about whether itís really worth it to introduce home improvement just for the sake of aesthetics.
  • Some people do not want to see wires at all as it will be a good idea to keep them out of sight. Now it depends on your needs, as something as simple as just a piece of white tape will be enough to meet your needs.

Here are some tips to set up†the home theater wisely


To perform all these tricks or to use these methods, youíll need to stand on a ladder. So, make sure you are careful in keeping the balance. Avoid standing on the top step of the ladder if you donít want to stumble.

Electrical staples can also be used to secure the wires. But you need to be careful not to staple into the wires.

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